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Jessica May Jensen is the owner and creator of 'Pathfinder Portal', a holistic, healing community. She believes that mind, body, spirit alignment is integral to the human experience. Play, storytelling and creative expression were crucial to her own healing and finding wellness after transformational life experiences.


Jessica believes there is a soul-level remembering of who you are when you interact with mother nature and embrace your creativity through artistic expression and play. This might include dance and movement, writing, painting, singing, drawing, playing music, hiking, gardening, baking cookies, or making sand castles. It is her intention to hold space for people of all ages and abilities to safely access their inner self and learn to heal and grow with child-like joy through exploration.

Jessica has Bachelor's degree in Drama, and also in Dance and has completed 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training and Personal Training and Fitness Instruction certifications. She is a certified Life Coach with a focus on Therapeutic Arts including Dance and Movement, Life Purpose and Transformation.

She helps others unlock their 'joie de vivre', their passion, life purpose, and assists with reconnecting to your soul self, so that you can fully embrace a life you love. When she's not teaching, you can catch her filmmaking and clowning around on the flying trapeze! 

Jessica is also a Master Usui Reiki practitioner and intuitive who is tapped into her clair senses and abilities. She is trainer and certified to harness life-force energy, also known as prana, or chi, to assist with clearing energetic blockages and aid the body in self-healing.


On request, she will use tarot as a tool to give further insight into your energy and and bring through any messages and information regarding current challenges or energetic blockages.