Creation for the sake of self expression, and not for a perfected output, is an amazing healing tool. Mindful activities help to ground you in the present, and the freedom to express yourself through creative modalities, can help to release conscious and unconscious emotions and trauma. All levels and abilities are welcome to join our therapeutic art events to help you continue an intentional, conscious and consistent creative practice. 


Check out these FREE coloring pages with affirmations that you can use any time you want to continue your mindful art practice at home.

Colored pencil tips
Weaving Macrame


Check out self-healing through creative practice, painting, vision boarding, macrame, tie dye, filmmaking, cross stitch, crafting, game nights, and more...


Most events are hosted online and cost USD $10-35 per person, per class.

Image by P J K
Image by Julio Lopez


A Celtic Awakening with
Jessica May Jensen & Druidess Dr. Rachel Scoazec

Join us from July 1-9, 2023 for a healing retreat where we explore the history of our ancestral land, take in the sights and attend healing workshops that incorporate nature, art, music, movement, yoga and dance. Great company and good craic! 

Image by George Bakos
Image by Natalie Grainger