Join Me During 'Inktober' for Free Art Therapy

It's almost October! One of my favorite seasons for many reasons: The air gets a little cooler and the stores are now truly filled with all things pumpkin spice, there's a buzz of excitement as kids and adults alike start planning and making Halloween costumes. But, there's another thing I look forward to each year - Inktober!

Have you heard of it?

Inktober provides an art prompt for each day throughout October. At one of my lowest times, this daily art practice became like meditation, a daily devotional. Some times I would only scribble for 5 minutes, other times an hour. I did not create 'good art' every day (what is good art anyway?), yet I honored this commitment to myself and it was life changing.

I was showing up for myself in ways I hadn't been recently doing, I was allowing myself to be imperfect, I got out of my head and into flow by putting pen to paper, I was becoming more grounded and present, I was pushing my creative blocks out of their comfort zone, I was releasing imposter syndrome, I was feeling my feelings, I was spilling my soul onto the page...

This year, I invite you to join me!

Each Monday in October, ending on the final day, we will practice a mindful exercise and review the week's prompts. You will be loosely guided, but free to create as you wish.

To register for free, head to:

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