Jessica teaches in a way that focuses on Somatic Movement which gives attention on the internal experience of the movement, rather than on what it looks like to observers, or the end result. If we practice a movement as if it is the first time we have done it, we can notice and learn something new each time and activate healing from within.

Jessica has Bachelor's degree in Dance and has completed 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training and Personal Training and Fitness Instruction certifications.


Class schedule coming soon! 

If you're interested in having me come and teach at your studio, be sure to let me know.

Folding Yoga Mat
Modern Dancer


Also known as Somatic Movement or Somatic Dance. This is a structured class without formal steps. Class begins with a grounding meditation then flows into free-form, embodied dance with guidelines from the instructor. Build your confidence as you feel yourself move around the space without judgement in this supportive environment.

No dance experience necessary.


Contact me for one on one or small group training sessions that may incorporate boxing, high intensity training and body weight exercise to increase overall fitness.