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Pathfinder Portal provides coaching and mentorship for creative minds, and facilitates events and opportunities supporting artists and the arts.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Pathfinder as: "One that discovers a way. Especially: One that explores untraversed regions to mark out a new route." A Portal is defined as a: "Door, entrance. Especially: A grand or imposing one"

Whether you are just beginning, or ready to take the leap into your next creative chapter, Pathfinder Portal is here to support you! 

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Hi, I'm Jessica. I was born in Australia and have lived in Los Angeles, CA for over 10 years now, following my filmmaking dreams. 

I am a storyteller and a deep thinker who is fascinated by the human experience.

Play and creative expression were crucial to my own healing journey and finding mental clarity and wellness through my personal life challenges.

When I'm not coaching and creating, you can catch me acting, writing music, drawing, painting, hiking, camping, building sandcastles, dancing, doing yoga and clowning around on the flying trapeze.

I believe there is a soul-level remembering of who you are when you embrace the arts and explore your own creativity without judgement.

It is my intention to hold space for people of all ages and abilities to safely access their inner-self and learn to heal and grow with child-like joy through exploration.

I love helping others unlock their 'joie de vivre', their passion, life purpose, and reconnecting people to their soul self, so they can fully embrace a life they love.


"When I first started my coaching sessions with Jessica I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know the next 6 weeks would be a profound journey. I was feeling stuck for so long I didn’t think I could know what it was like to be unstuck.

Since taking part in this coaching program I have experienced bursts of motivation and inspiration which have led me to prioritize more creative time and in doing so I have become more productive in many aspects of my life.


I am discovering new passions and interests, enjoying more of my daily life, and will be forever grateful to Jessica for guiding me to my own path of healing and self-discovery."

Bec E.