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With Jessica May Jensen


Connecting with your body through movement in a safe environment to bring conscious awareness to subconscious blockages. Somatic movement is about practice and presence, not performance. Classes suitable for all levels.


Relax and rejuvenate.

Work through energetic blockages with your eyes closed in a state of total relaxation. In person Reiki sessions are available in South Pasadena and the Los Angeles area. Distance Reiki also available.


Creative expression and play can foster emotional healing and a general sense of wellbeing. Join the community for workshops that explore painting, writing, cross stitch, crafting, performing arts, trivia, playing games together and more.

Life's Beautiful


Learn more about your life purpose, find alignment within and without, master your mindset, improve your mental wellness and physical fitness and embark on a total transformation with a certified life coach.

What is a Pathfinder?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Pathfinder as:

"One that discovers a way. Especially: One that explores untraversed regions to mark out a new route."


I believe that when we find our own way in this world we can help serve and guide others. When share our unique experience and knowledge authentically, we become beacons for healing and growth simply by existing.

We are a community rooted in kindness. We are one.

See what the community is saying!

"When I first started my coaching sessions with Jessica I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know the next 6 weeks would be a profound journey. I was feeling stuck for so long I didn’t think I could know what it was like to be unstuck.

Since taking part in this coaching program I have experienced bursts of motivation and inspiration which have led me to prioritize more creative time and in doing so I have become more productive in many aspects of my life.


I am discovering new passions and interests, enjoying more of my daily life, and will be forever grateful to Jessica for guiding me to my own path of healing and self-discovery."

Bec E.

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A Celtic Awakening with
Jessica May Jensen & Druidess Dr. Rachel Scoazec

Join us from July 1-9, 2023 for a healing retreat where we explore the history of our ancestral land, take in the sights and attend healing workshops that incorporate nature, art, music, movement, yoga and dance. Great company and good craic! 

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Children are welcome here!

Explore an art class or move together. Tie dye a t-shirt, create a cross stitch, enjoy family friendly yoga moves, or get your groove on with a dance party.

Mother and Baby


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